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Who Cares?

by Ari

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released September 20, 2015

Ari was:

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Jordan Haynes of Earlygrayce Studios in Louisville, KY.



all rights reserved


Ari Louisville, Kentucky

Ari was:

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Track Name: Womb
Hot damn, God damn, I'm damned. Almost lost my mind but I'm back again.
I'm stuck and fucked in a Honda Accord. Wait, I think I've said that one before.
I'm gonna raise my kids on drugs and death, so they grow up with the fucking gist of it.
I am the twinkle in God's eye, and you know I'm the tack in Satan's foot.
I am the cross beside the road when you're driving on by made of memories and plywood.
And every day I'm haunted. But I'm not dead yet. Every day I'm haunted, but I'd say that-
God's been good to me
And when I go to sleep at night, I know I'll wake up with new life because patience for an exit is harsher than the knife.
"Bastard, drunkard, motherfucker."
That's that they'll call me when they catch me, but there's no salvation in a hangman's jury.
You're not an artist, you are so full of shit. You're not an artist, you're naked on the internet.
I fucking hate you. I swear to God I do. Your father fucked up by not tearing you from the womb. I fucking hate you. I swear to God I do.
I wanna fucking kill myself, know that I'm you.
I only eat out and I only shop online
I only see my loved ones when I find the time
I tell everyone that I am an atheist
But I find myself praying when I can't get my life fixed

I still have seven years before my death would have any artistic merit
So how are you so sure that we are better for feeling the things that we have felt
And using words such as 'lovingly' and 'lustfully'
Rather than just copulating instinctively
And dying seasonally
So, stop my if you've heard this before
But 'stuck' and 'fucked' seems appropriate
Track Name: Danville
I'm calling in bomb threats to my local church
And sitting on the porch watching the helicopters search
I'm drunk as hell off the blood in the cup
Waiting on Satan to tell me what's up
What's up?

God's selling guns on the street
And handing you pamphlets on what to believe
So what do you want
A savior or friend?
Or details on how it all ends?
Because Hell is a party and Heaven is a board room
So drink up mother-fucker because we're all doomed

I saw the Serpent and I saw the Son
But the Serpent had whiskey so I had fun
With 100 proof women and 100 proof shots
Tell me what's up
What's with the way that I can't really see straight
What's up with the way that I can't really think straight
I'm just trying hard to be straight
Tell me what's up

Ex-lovers are raging wars, so I guess that makes me a raging whore
And I've been drinking at the expense of my liver
But I won't stop until I can't feel her
So fuck what I've known to be true
Fuck all friends
And oh my God, fuck you
I'm going to figure out how it all came to this
And find out how much time I have left on my wrist

I curse too much and I'm a hard-drinking mother-fucker
Dirty ass mind and chances are I probably fucked her
People think I'm crazy but I'm actually getting luckier
Tell me what's up
I heard that death multiplies by threes
Well I'm an only child so let's just see

Man's only crime is staying alive
We want so much but we all fucking die
Track Name: ATG
I spent far too much time too far away from the sunlight.
Guess I got too cold.
Now all I ever seem to care about is how I haven't done enough to be this old.
I just wanna be alright. I just wanna be okay. I just wanna be alright.
It wouldn't happen either way.
Popping shots in the cheap seats, such a sad day for such a sweet victory.
And all I'll need is a back porch and a motherfucking melody.
And this might sound profound to you.
But holy water burns my throat more so than smoke and booze.
Biding time, I said it isn't right. I couldn't walk a minute mile in a straight line.
All of these constructs that I had in mind-
Where am I? Where the hell am I?
Grab your pitchforks and torches, we're going out tonight.
Hurt the bad guys, hunt what's not right.
Slip and fall, it's your own damn fault.
While you still think you're better than everyone, we're staging a coup on you.
While you still think you're better than everyone, we're hatching a plan.
I'm a straight shot.
Track Name: Defect
What you see is what you get inside and out.
You said you wanted to be proud of something, well I don't know what to tell you, so here's to hoping.
You just slipped; I don't blame you.
Don't drag your fucking feet like the way you do.
You're in a mirror, I am too.
Are you me? Am I you?
I think I see it. There's a problem. You're a defect.
What you see is what you get. Inside and out.
Tell me why I don't understand, why the person in the mirror can't be a man.
Are you sick? Are you dumb? You're a defect rule of thumb.
You are your mistakes. There's no way around. Are you the same inside out?
You turned your back on those who loved you. I'd hate to say it but you never really pulled through.
Maybe it's like I'm looking in a mirror, but talking to myself has always made my mind clearer.
It's been cathartic for my defective brain, an ace in the hole in this mind game.
But I'm still about to lose it. A true defect by name.
What you see is what you get.
A turning point, a dying breed.
A starling of unconscious greed.
Where did I go wrong?
Track Name: Pony
Stay at home again, I never wanted this to be
Anything but pretend, so best of luck trying to find me.
Look at em' go. Where they're headed, how should I know?
Look at em' go.
Crazy how it's ended like this.
They're holding hands around my neck.
Consequences have no actions.
Don't listen to me.
Are you even here? I can't tell if it's young love or fear.
Look at em' go.
Where they're headed, how should I know?
Track Name: Dimwit
To all the perverts cumming in tissues,
To little girls with daddy issues.
We're one in the same, and while I think I have a lot to say, It's all the same at the end of the day.
We spend most of our lives going on about things we know nothing about.
All in desperate attempt to sound intellectually profound.
And damn it's killing me. Trying so hard to outwit society.
But it's coming so easy when kids can't define mediocrity.
And I stay at home. No job, no money, no place to go.
But at least I know that this social ladder's climbing lower than lower than low.
I'm not too smart for my own good. I just know more big words than any dimwit should.
Everyone seems so profound. Wanting and craving that same lust for sound.
Skin deep will always be skin deep.
It's always been fear.
The drowning in my mind.
Track Name: Charter
A chill, it's freezing and cold he said, he said
Wrote down the time in the circle in red
The woman in front of him, laying there dead
The city don't sleep and crime doesn't pay
Never enough
No money well spent

Tell me, what was the angle
What was your motive
What was her dying breath
You saw it
You saw her
You bastard
You killer

It's hot, it hurts
That's all she said, she said
Body on fire, a bull in a pen
Caged like an animal, tears had been shed
The monster below, murderous intent

Then he licked his lips
Blew the woman a kiss
Just look at the evidence
What kind of person would end up doing this
Live like you're on fire
Not die like it
Who could've gone to this shit

Just then a man emerged
Proclaiming "I did it. I fucking burned her"
So here stands the monster
And the man who will exact justice for her

Then he lit a match
He started burning
He said "death is an art, so start learning"
The man stood back, eyes yearning
A man of the law, his heart turning
Track Name: IOWA
I use the breath from my lips to write the words in the glass with my fingertips.
Looking in, patience thin for the last time. I draw the line here.
Nobody's here.
I don't want you to say sorry. You don't owe me any kind of apology.
And I don't know exactly what to do. What kind of household do you think you brought me up into?
Our handsome, our handsome, our handsome son.
What you did outweighs flesh and blood.
And I miss you. I hope you're not alone. With all of those bright ideas in that empty home.
And I'm having trouble remembering your name.
Were you the one who held me up in your arms?
Were you the one with the precious son and daughter?
I just need to think about it. I just need to forget about it.
I sue the breath from my lips to write the words in the glass with my fingertips:
"We had each other before we had had nothing.
Now we have neither. A family of suffering."